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Goodsoulette | 13:38 Tue 20th May 2008 | Food & Drink
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should fresh sausages have a use by date 13 days after you have bought them. I suspiciously inspected some sausages that I had bought 11 days previously but thought it was my normal paranoia setting in. I cooked them and ate them and had a terrible night last night, I actually vomited which is a rare occurrence. Tummy is settling down now, neither of my children are ill and they didn't eat them.

They were within the manufacturers use by date but i bought them on the 10th and were supposedly ok until the 23rd. Its just on thinking about it it seems like an awfully long time.

So I have either had a bug, or it was the sausages, as I only ate spuds and veg with it, and in the day ate salad pittas and fruit.


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Well if it has a use by date they should be ok til then but I'd have probably frozen them until I was sure I'd eat them anyway as I have a really weak tummy sometimes.

It doesn't look good for them. I brought a block of cheese last week which was perfectly in date and when I opened it that evening it was completely mouldy. If there's any left you can send 'em back tothe company and make a complaint.
You should complain Goodsoulette !

PS China - fortunately *mouldy* cheese is not harmful and is most unlikely to give you a bad tum, it just looks awful (think of all those *blue cheeses* lol)
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Im not much of a complainer really and chances are I probably have managed to get a bug somehow but not from the kids. Overthinking things, probably, its just seems that two weeks for sausages is a long use by date and thought it might be a printing error.
Well if in doubt freeze until the day of use.

Jugs - Unless it's that posh mould on the cheeses on the deli counter, I ain't touching it!
China. You are wise, the mold in cheeses that are 'blue veined' is used in the processing and is a completely different sort of mold than that which appears on cheddar, etc. th/Nutritionist+Looks+At+Good+And+Bad+Mold+On+ Food.htm.

Apparently, according to the article, you should cut the mold off with at least an inch of cheese and then it's OK to use!!

your so afraid to get food posin thats wat your mind was teln ur stoumch your mind is jst playn tricks on u it jst lik a fobea !!!! (paul)
eh! In English please paul ;o)
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I emailed ASDA and they are sending me a gift card. Woot, result, I never complain either maybe I should do it more often.

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