The Great British Menu - this week & next week

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osprey | 10:48 Fri 09th May 2008 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone else think that the contests this week and next will be down to which of the 2 chefs the judges prefer and not the food itself which has been the case so far in the series? Up until now, the food the chefs have prepared has been tricky to associate with a particular chef for the judges, but this week the styles have been so different - not to mention that one chef served his food on roofing slates, granite and lord knows what else - that there could not be the slightest doubt as to what course went with which menu? Next week will be equally obvious as to which chef prepared which menu as one of the chefs will be Atul Kochhar whose recipes will be impossible to confuse with his opponent.


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This is currently my favourite programme ! The incongruity of Valerie Singleton doing continuity, the outrageous creativity of the food (brilliant though), and, if last series is anything to go by, utterly pretensious judges which hopefully once again will have me shouting at the television.

Up there with MasterChef, an all-time classic.
Woops, pretentious - I don't want to be hoist by my own petard !
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whiffey - you mean Jenny Bond not Valerie Singleton.
I don't think anyone will beat the rabbit and pea trifle. sounds yummy (not). I loved the flowery paper of the one who won on Friday. One bugbear of mine is that they have to judge the whole menu at this stage. Then they only judge on courses. There have been some brilliant dishes where the chef lost. I find Jennie Bond irritating. At least we don't have to look at her this time.

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The Great British Menu - this week & next week

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