Lemon thyme

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jack daniels | 12:43 Fri 11th Jan 2008 | Food & Drink
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I've got quite a lot of fresh lemon thyme - can anyone suggest a way of keeping it long term? not pickled though.
Thanks Abers


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I love this herb too and often use it stuffed into various meats.
I am afraid, I don't know how to keep it fresh, apart from keeping in the freezer and taking out sprigs when you need them!
If they do get dry, just rub the sprigs to get the leaves off.
They're still ok when they're dry.
Any extra herbs i've got get finely chopped, popped into a freezer bag, labelled and used as and when. Not quite as desirable as fresh but certainly the next best thing.
Tie in a bunch and hang upside down to dry (tie a paper bag over the bunch to stop them getting too dusty or dropping leaves off) in a warm, airy place, then use when needed.

Make a nice herb salt for cooking - --- pre heat oven to about 140 C. Pour a layer of salt onto a sheet of greaseproof paper in a baking tray. Chop the herbs quite fine and spread the fresh herbs over the salt and warm through for about 10 mins to dry the herbs. When cool, stir together well and store ina a clean dry sealed jar - use to flavour foods....

I'd suggset a few others that this works with are: oregano, lemon balm and parsley. Try it with rosemary or basil. Also use for chives, with other thyme varieties - regular and orange as well as the lemon -and also lavender.

Make up with a few bouget garnis and store in airtight jars.

Make into a fresh pesto - whizz to a puree with cold pressed rape seed oil (cos its got virtually no saturated fat compared to olive oil) and for one use, try with sun dried tomatoes brushed onto breads....Store the pesto with a fresh layer of oil on the top each time you use it to 'seal' the flavour.

Make into a nice lemon herb butter - get the best unsalted butter you can and warm it to soften. Chop the herb and blend into the butter. Roll back into a nice cylinder while soft - use clingfilm to make the shape and twist the ends to get a 'sausage' that stays in shape - and chill - slice to use on fish, chicken, etc.....
Nikmo, as always, I love your answer. I will be trying your suggestions.

Thanks for asking this question, Jack Daniels.
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HI Fig... - I'll be interested to see what the '....bouget garni....' turns out like........should be Bouquet Garni of course, but what ever takes your fancy......enjoy!

Hope the ideas help, JD!
Not quite as inspirational as Nickmo's ideas but if you want to keep it as it is then chop finely and put into an icecube tray covered in water. When you need some pop out a cube and add to sauces etc. Freezing without the water would give it freezer burn.

I've just done the same with some mint- fresh herbs can be too expensive to waste.

Poppy x

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Lemon thyme

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