How do you make eggy bread?

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Tallulah. | 21:48 Thu 08th Nov 2007 | Food & Drink
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I have attempted many times to cook it. It seems to always be soggy on the inside and burn on the outside, even when i reduce the heat right dowwn when i fry it. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong? Thanks


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it seems to me that you have been soaking the bread for to long. Dip the bread in the egg mix just before putting it into a hot pan.
I'd agree with Tunacheeks... (what a name lol) - don't soak the bread in the egg mixture, just dip it in and turn it over.. then drop into a hot frying pan with a little oil already heated ....

To make my eggy bread (aka French Toast), I beat up a couple of free range eggs, sieve them into a shallow bowl, add a few shakes of black pepper and then dip freshly sliced bread triangles into the egg mix, turn them over quickly, then slide these into hot olive oil in a large frying pan. Let them sit there for a minute or so, then turn them over with a wooden spatula and cook on the other side until golden brown. Turn again if need be to brown both sides and serve with dark soya sauce. Loverly jubberly...
LOL @ juggerling, I make mine exactly the same way and for some reason the bread has to be cut into triangles, don't ask me why but it just tastes better!
i LOVE french toast
I used to make this when my son was a little lad, but minus pepper and olive oil. Served crispy with a dollop of orange jelly marmalade on top!
I always cook mine in butter.

However, here is a link that may help bread

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How do you make eggy bread?

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