Goats Cheese - raging Debate

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FTVS | 17:55 Thu 15th Apr 2004 | Food & Drink
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I LOVE Goats Cheese... but a colleague maintains it smells like puke. i feel it smells like GOATS! Any views on the ouke vs goat aroma? And are we generally for or against Goats Cheese?


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I've never had goat's cheese, but have had goat's milk which had, shall we say, an 'unusual' taste and aroma! I've only ever had it once, but I've never forgotten it! If the cheese is anything like the milk, I'm afraid it would have to be a vote against! Sorry!
Puke! Definitely UGH. It's a bit like Marmite with regards to what people think of it. I definitely hate it. When I lived in France, they'd taken it on as their own and they put it in EVERYTHING, baguettes, paninis, pizzas... spoiled everything! I hate it and it makes me gag. Th� fact that it smells like a festering goat sty is one of the reasons it makes me wretch.
Love it, couldn't drink the milk but the cheese is delicious.
Thank god! I thought it was just me. I love every other sort of cheese but goat - yeurck! I too always think it smell of unwashed goats' encosures. Sour and slimy and it feels funny in your mouth. And it turns up EVERYWHERE. Ban it!
I luuuurve goat's cheese! (Not because it smells of goats though!) It's deliciously rich - I consider it the Mother of Brie!~
Goats cheese gently grilled on French breaed and then lightly drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and (optional) the best balsamic vinegar you can avoid. Pretentious - you bet, but absolutely gorgeous. Pure ambrosia.
goats cheese - manna from nirvana. best eaten grilled, or deep fried in breadcrumbs. i've never really noticed any aroma to be honest (other than a cheesy one obviously). as a child i had a stigma with goats cheese as i thought it came from smelly horrible animals but then where does your normal cheese come from? the underside of a smelly horrible cow. (sorry tongue in cheek here, my point being i think people have stigma's attached to non-cow-originating dairy products.) try cheese made from ewes milk - gorgeous..............
It was never on my shopping list, but it will be tonight and I'll let you know.
See! Cycleman never wrote back after getting the cheese. He obviously choked on his own vomit and isn't well enough to get a computer now. See what you've done??
Goats cheese is HEAVEN!! I love it so much. When I go out to eat I'm of the opinion that it's better to try something new & hate it, than not to try it - unless goats cheese is on the menu. It's my absolute favourite food.
Adore the cheese & like their little legs roasted too. I hate the milk, my daughter loves it. My impression - while being milked, the nanny peed in the bucket and then soaked her leg in it.
Disgusting stuff.
goats cheese is nice for a change (i like it grilled on bread) but i feel i must speak up for Goats Milk, its great stuff... much better than cows milk - which i avoid at all costs.
It's vile. I have nightmares about the day I go to a dinner party and it might be the starter :-(
I don't like goat's cheese, especially grilled - vile. What annoys me most, is it seems to be the new favourite amongst restaurateurs as the token 'veggie option' (in much the same way that veggie lasagne was about 5 years ago) - goat's cheese salad, goat's cheese tarte, breaded goat's cheese....enough, please! It's so lazy. I'm sure there's plenty of us veggies who can't stand the stuff...

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Goats Cheese - raging Debate

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