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Linda51 | 11:14 Tue 24th Jul 2007 | Food & Drink
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I went to the classes for a few weeks and now am doing it by myself, but never quite know what to have on green days, I don't like pasta and am getting a bit fed up of meat free shepherds pie, has anyone any good ideas. Also what do you have instead of potatoes on red days. Ta.


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I prefer green days but then again I like pasta which helps! Other ideas:

Chilli (made with quorn mince) and jacket potato (or rice or potato wedges and cheese)

Bangers and mash (quorn/veggie sausages) and onion gravy

Omlettes with cheese, mushrooms, tomoatoes, beans etc

Vegetable stir fries (you can always add some meat as long as you count it as a healthy extra)

Egg, chips and beans (slimming world chips)

And you can still have potatoes on red days, just not as much as usual and you have to count them as either a healthy option or sins.

You can have potatos as a H/E on red days.
I stick to green days though, because like you said, there is nothing to put with meat apart from veggies and im not a fan.
I hate pasta too. Have you tried batchelors low fat super noodles there free on green and filling.
Beans on toast with laughing cow cheese and wholemeal bread.

On green days i have chips alot, i dont cook them in the oven like s/w though. I part boil them and then fry them in fry light. its quicker and they taste much nicer.
You can have meat on green days as a h/e if i have a Sunday dinner i have a piece of chicken 113g h/e.
if you feel like takeaway a chicken curry from the chinese with boiled rice. Boiled rice is free, chicken as healthy extra and curry as syns per serv 6.5syns.
Im doing s/w by myself too, ive lost 1stone so far so i must be doing something right. Kate
I've looked at this diet before and never really understood it.
I take it one day is carbs and the other is veg? Is that right?

How does it work? What are the basic rules?
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river, the basi rules are something like this:

You can have green days or original (red) days. There are lists of free foods for each day and a list of food that is free on both.

Free in green days are potatoes, rice, pasta, beans, stuff like that.
Original days is fish, lean meat etc.

Most fruit and vegetables are free on either day, as are eggs and quorn (most quorn products anyway).

Also, you are allowed 4(?) health extras - 2 from list A and 2 from list B - and 15 'syns' per day.

Healthy extras 'A' are milk and cheese (measured amounts)
Healthy extras 'B' are bread and cereal and some that change, depending what colour day you are having. For example, on a green day you could have a certain amount of meat and have it as a healthy extra. Or on a red day, you could have some pasta and count it as a healthy extra.

Every food has a syn value and you can get a book that lists them. You are allowed upto 15 per day or you can save them all for the end of the week. A creme egg is 8 1/2 for example.

Hope this makes some sort of sense, it all becomes clear once you actually do the diet. You do have to go to classes though otherwise you don;t get the book that tells you what all the free foods are!!

And you don't have to alternate green and red days. If you are veggie or don't really like meat, you can have green days every day if you like. Or all red, whatever you want.
Ah right ok thanks, can you buy the book without going to a class?
River, yes you can call 0844 892 0404 a food directory costs 6.95 and 2.00 p&p.

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