Recipe for microwaved suet pudding

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islaymacs | 18:13 Mon 16th Jul 2007 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone have a microwave recipe for suet pudding. I had one years ago for syrup suet pudding and it tasted as if it had been steamed for hours and was great but I've lost it. Can anyone help?


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Might do it -

3 tbsp golden syrup
100 g self-raising flour
50 g shredded suet
50 g caster sugar
1 egg
2 tbsp water
4 tbsp milk
2 drops vanilla essence

Pour the golden syrup in the bottom of a lightly greased m/wave proof (glass, ceramic or plastic ) 900 ml basin.
Mix the flour, suet and sugar together to a smooth batter then add the egg, water, milk and vanilla essence. Make sure no lumps....
Spoon the mixture on to the syrup in the basin.
Set the microwave at maximum (full). Cover the basin with m/wave suitable cling film and cook for 2 minutes.
Remove the cling film and turn the basin round.
Cook for a further 2 minutes.

Leave the pudding to stand for 2 minutes before turning out and serving. Lashings of hot custard........and more syrup...& warm the syrup to make it pour more easily or just use a hot spoon - run it under hot water for example....

This assumes a 700w 'normal' domestic m/wave oven by the way, so adjust if yours is different.

But suet puds should really be steamed......
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Many thanks - I'll try it tomorrow and hope to have a happy husband once again!
I trust you are still on about pudding? Or should this be in B & S?.........

In case the above fails for some reason though you should have an option..

200g Self raising flour
100g Vegetable suet
100g Vanilla caster sugar (or 80g of sugar and 30g of warmed golden syrup)
Dash of milk.
Couple of tbspn syrup.

Mix the sugar, suet and flour and pour in a little (warmed to make it pour) syrup and enough milk to make a 'heavy' batter.

Grease some individual 1/4pt plastic pudding bowls (makes it easier to turn out the puds) and pour warmed syrup into the bottom of each to make a topping for when the puds are served. The quanity will make about 5 or 6.

3/4 fill the bowls with the mix and cook until the mixture is no longer wet on the top. It should take about 60 secs in a 700w oven, but you may need to try a couple of times to get it right..

Turn out when cooled - a dent in the top is just right for cream, more syrup, custard or whaterver..

Have fun getting it right!
I just made my first Microwave Bacon 'Clanger ' (as we call it) I've made the steamed version all my life but tonight I was hungry and didn't want to wait too long. I did the normal 8oz sr lour and 4oz suet, pinch salt ,black pepper. Add water slowly till you get a ball to roll out like pastry. I mixed my left over allready cooked bacon with onion and you can add carrot swede and and any leftover potatoe or veg (ie. cabbage broccolii etc), or just use bacon and onion. spread it over the rolled out suet pastry (you'l see how much ou need by what coverage you get. You may need to take onion and bacon off or add some more on, then roll it like a swiss roll tucking the meat and veg in at the side as you roll it. Wrap it in the greaseprrof paper and a cloth and put in 800w microwave for 5 mins leave to rest for 2 mins then microwave 5 mins again. Mine seems ok, haven't tried it yet.

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Recipe for microwaved suet pudding

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