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mojomaz | 14:51 Wed 25th Apr 2007 | Food & Drink
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My friend is doing a cold buffet and found out there is going to be a vegan. I no they dont eat meat ,dairy ,cheese and so on. So as anyone any idears? Thanks a lot


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yeah , dont invite these boring treehuggers
Also be careful not to use honey - lots of vegans do not eat honey either.

I would just do something easy like a rice / couscous salad, with some roasted veg stirred in, maybe some pesto...

Roast veg in advance (even the night before) - eg red onions, tomatoes (tinned would do), lots of peppers, mushroom, lots of dried herbs etc then stir it into some freshly cooked couscous or rice?

Some strips of pitta bread and hummous always go down well at a buffet.

Generally, do things that vegans can eat but won't make them feel like they are having a special menu different to everyone else!!!
Or a pasta salad with any salad vegetables thrown in, a few walnuts, a few chick peas in a french dressing. Have melon slices, and plenty of bread.
ask them to supply their own food,
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Thanks you lot!!
there are a few ideas here and also links to other recipe sites m
I'm with helpmetoo on this one!!!

Eat real food or starve!!!

Vegans perhaps were never breast fed and are not as old as me to know about wet nurses; otherwise they would not object to milk and milk products.

Incidentally, whilst not a vegan, I was a vegatarian for ten years as a youngster: but then got older and wiser!!!....Ron
I am a vegatarian, and I am not boring! The singer p!nk is one also and she's hardly what you call boring. Just coz we choose not to eat animals, we get a given a real hard time. The fact is there ARE alternatives out there now. I think these people who feed themselves and their kids happy faces, sausages, and all that other [email protected], are the bring ones. Anyway I shall get off my soapbox now, and stop hijacking this thread!lLol
I have just eaten pork sausages, bacon, black, pudding, potatoes and beans for supper, bloody handsome I'll tell you!!!
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LOL !! I only wanted some recipes!!! Looks like i have started a debate now!!! I love meat my self but if people dont want to eat it thats fine with me. Anyway once again thanks very much everyone.
Do you still need ideas?

You can do salads:


on their own, or in any combination.

After that, I think it gets a little tricky...

Pasta Salad (no egg pasta, of course, and no cheese in it!)
Filled tomatoes (filled with rice is what I do, don't have the recipe here, though)
Quiche (I'm sure there have to be vegan versions out there)

Fruit salad (here we go, another salad!)

Mixed Nuts


Chips and dips, guacamole for example, no mayonnaise in it though...

Have to check my recipe folder tonight, just out of interest to see how many recipes are suitable for vegans.

My guess: Less than 5%
I was way off...
Out of my folder only three recipes are totally vegan (bread, rolls and onion soup), while a few more could be adapted.

For example:
Pasta Salad without the cheese
Taboul� without the tuna
Spinach soup without the added cream
Cabbage Salad without the bacon

I'm glad I don't have the problem, though!
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Thanks Bohno, you was a great help.
I can almost feel your arterys clogging up as we speak ratter!!lol
Tell them to stay at home!

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