how to cook thick fillet steak?

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teag1rl | 10:59 Tue 17th Apr 2007 | Food & Drink
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ideas people please. I'm only used to cooking rump!
Do I use hotplate, pan or grill and do I just cook it on the cut sides or all over-it's a really awkward shape compared to what I'm used to!


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Only tip i can contribute is to cook thick steaks from room temperature, not from the fridge. This way they wont be cold in the middle when cooked rare or blue.
seal all sides of steak in a hot pan, then add a small glass of brandy and flame, finish it of in hot oven until cooked to your liking
Season with salt and pepper and leave out, like chinois says, so its room temp.
Then in a frying pan, melt a knob or 2 of butter, add a touch of oil to reduce the smoking, when its hot, put the steak in and leave until its cooked to about 1/4 of the way up the side (2-3 mins ish) then turn it and do the same, then seal the edges. Remove from the heat and let it rest for 5 mins (ish) covered with foil.
Then devour.
Practice makes perfect! Also depends on the thickness of the steak and how you like it cooked. (I'm also assuming its a disk shaped steak an not an uncut sausage shaped fillet)
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Thanks all-those are top tips! Was bit worried about charring outside and not cooking at all in middle-I like it on the rare side but not raw. I can't wait.
Ta x
Good question. Try the George Formby Grill. It works a treat. Hope this helps.
Whenever I cook a thick fillet steak, I season and cook at room temp, seal all over in a hot frying pan, then turn down low for rest of cooking. Finally I butterfly it briefly to cook/heat the middle. De-glaze pan with some red wine and scrape all the lovely juice onto your steak. Enjoy.
Spudmuffa it's a George FOREMAN grill, thanks for starting my day with a chuckle
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well, I got to room temp, seasoned and sealed all sides in hot pan. left on one side for a bit, then the other, added butter after a while then deglazed with red wine and the result? Bl00dy beautiful. The meat melted in the mouth and the boy was so impressed, I think he might even take me back one day!
Thanks for all you help-took a bit of advice from each of you. Apart from George Foreman/Formby grill-does that clean windows too? ;o)
doh! cut the steaks into thinner pieces
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vegetarian G best? If I wanted to ruin them I would have cut them into thinner pieces. But then I wouldn't have gone to expense of buying fillet steaks for a treat!
I have recently cooked the perfect fillet steak.
First i recomend buying the best fillet you can, 21 day matured steak or older is great. next a hot dry pan and seal your meat very quickly on all sides using tongs, then remove from the pan, now this next bit will throw alot of people but trust me it is worth it, place your fillet on some cling film and roll it up in about 20 layers, twist the ends so the parcel is tight and has no air in with the steak, secure the loose ends by folding over and one more wrap of cling film to secure. Next place your bundle in the oven for an hour at 65-70 degrees C,yes that low, you may need a seperate thermometer, After your hour is up remove from the oven, remove the cling film and return the fillet to the pan to colour it, rest for 5 minutes and serve.
The steak will look very pink but dont let this put you off, close your eyes and enjoy, its better than any i have eaten anywhere.

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how to cook thick fillet steak?

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