What's Britian's national dish?

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AB Asks | 12:17 Mon 19th Mar 2007 | Food & Drink
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Yet another piece of research struggling to justify a government grant has found that the average British person eats spaghetti bolognese about 3,000 times in their life. Other meals that the Brits eat regularly are; stew (2,612), bangers and mash (2,264), fish and chips (2,089), chilli con carne (1,567), chicken tikka masala (871). Which dish do you think symbolises Britain? Do variations on foreign dishes like chicken tikka masala now represent 'typical' British food?


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Roast Beef, Yorkshire Puds, Roasted Tatties, Roasted Parsnips, greens,carrots and gravy!!! Not jus lol....
I don't know where they get these 'typical brits' from.

I have never eaten chicken tikka masala, never eat stew and I can't remember the last time I had fish and chips. The rest of my family are the same.

Shepherds Pie!
I read an article related to this research which seemed to imply that the average "cook" only has 4 and a half meals in his/her repertoire. Are there really people so totally lacking in imagination?
I agree with favourite meal and very traditional.
What can I say?
My 3 year old was introduced to chicken Tikka masala by his childminder and now he loves it! Chicken Pakora too.
He describes the taste as "fizzy".
The dishes that I think symbolises Britain are either fish and chips (no one can do it better!) or Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding with of course all the works!
I think foreign dished do hold a place for typical British food - tiika masala most definitely having been invented here. What about pizza?? doesn't that feature on the list.
Bangers and Mash!

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What's Britian's national dish?

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