avocados - are the brown stringy bits ok to eat?

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joko | 20:58 Tue 30th Jan 2007 | Food & Drink
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are these ok to eat?



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What brown stringy bits? The only part of an avocado usually eaten is the green flesh. If you've got brown stringy bits it may not be too fresh.
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that is my question - are these just what happens as it gets riper or softer or is it a sign that its going off?

if you open an avocado, after a short while you get brown stringy bits, and sometimes they are there when you open them

i have some unopened ones, that appear to have brown stringy bits in the green flesh.

it happens to all avocados
I don't think the external appearance matters but if the inside has gone stringy then I wouldn't eat it (like maxi2, I've never seen stringy bits).However, rapid browning shouldn't put you off once the avocado has been's just the appearance. You can prevent it happening so quickly by squeezing a bit of lemon juice over it. or just cut off the brown bit before is harmless. As maxi2 says though, best just to eat the green bits, as that's the fresh pulp. You can tell how ripe the avocado is by pressing it unopened, rather than going by the appearance...if it is really squishy then it might be better being used for a dip like guacamole and if it is really hard, then obviously don't open it yet.
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the stringy bits appear as brown dots when the avocado is sliced, so you may just have not noticed them

does anyone know for sure?
If is it brown dots, then it's likely to be a mould called Ascobolus, sorry but my computer will not post links at the moment but you should be able to search it.
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no, they are fibrous strings - i just meant they look like brown dots when its sliced across ways.

they happen to all avocados - i just want to know if they are safe to eat or its time to bin it.

it tastes fine and the rest of it looks fine.

i suspect its a bit like the blackening of bananas - they are still fine, but just go dark
joko - this is what they are supposed to look like inside if they are perfect - if there are a few small brown spots on them when you open them - you can cut them out and it is still good - if they are perfect when you open them and then brown spots develop in a few minutes, that is normal - as someone said earlier, that happens when they are exposed to air - if the whole thing has turned dark either before or after opening - I would toss them without taking a chance.
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thanks for that link BBW, it mentions the brown stringy bits but doesn't say whether they are bad, just that the fruit is over ripe.

i have emailed them and asked
This answer comes from the Avocado Commission in CA.:
Strings or stringy fruit or the thickening of the vascular bundles (fibers that run longitudinally through the fruit) are generally the result of fruit from younger trees or improper storage conditions. Often times the fibers or strings will disappear or become less noticeable as the fruit (and tree) matures.

Flesh discoloration can occur when the avocado has been exposed to cold temperatures for a long period of time. Flesh bruising can occur in transit or as a result of compression caused by excessive handling. Unfortunately there is no way to detect either flesh discoloration or flesh bruising by looking at the avocado's exterior. Damaged areas or spots can be removed by cutting them out.

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avocados - are the brown stringy bits ok to eat?

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