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Lindt21 | 09:40 Mon 15th Jan 2007 | Food & Drink
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I want to make the Turkey stroganoff recipe from Rosemary Conleys low fat step by step cookbook but it says to use 1/4 pint of madeira wine. We are not wine drinkers and I don't want to spend a lot on wine (especially as its just a normal midweek dinner) can anyone suggest a substitute or would it matter if I just left it out - has anyone tried this recipe?



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Being a plain Jane my strog consists of mushrooms,onion beef and cream. So just adjust your recipe to suit.
Hi, could you not buy one of those single measure bottles of wine? I know Morrisons sell them....not sure if they do Madeira though.

Lisa x
Just remembered Cross and Blackwell do a Maderia Wine sauce mix in a packet. It was pretty good as I remember and might give you that extra umph you might need when using turkey.
You can use sherry instead. Tesco's own brand is really cheap and just as good as madeira in cooking.
...Should have explained why sherry... Because madeira wine is a fortified wine like port and sherry. Not a normal drinking wine.
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Thanks for all your tips, I think I will give the sherry a try as I've got some of that - but only pale cream so I hope that will do. Otherwise I will go plain and leave it out and see what it that tastes like.

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Madeira Wine substitute

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