Corned Beef Hash?

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somebyrd | 01:31 Fri 12th Jan 2007 | Food & Drink
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Anyone got a tried and tested recipie?


SB x


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No offence meant but I think this is one of the most horrible dishes the world has ever known. Yuk. :)
From The Victorian Kitchen by Jennifer Davies, originally from A Plain Cookery Book for the Working Classes by Charles E. Francatelli, 1861 - so pretty tried and tested.

2 onions, pepper, salt, 1 pint water, cold meat thinly sliced, a little flour.

Chop onions fine, boil with pepper and salt in pint of water for ten minutes, throw in meat cut in thin slices, mixed with a little flour. Boil all together for a further ten minutes and pour the hash into a dish containing either some boiled potatoes, or else some slices of toasted bread.

Bon appetit
Princes.actually do one in a can.It smells and looks horrible but it actually tastes OK.Burn it a bit and a bit of Lee&Perrins Smashing
Sliced onions, sliced potatoes,layer in a dish with corned beef cut in chunks. Cover with oxostock,put lid on or cover with tin foil, bake in oven 1 and half hours. If required thicken with gravy granules before serving.
I preboil potatoes then fry till crispy and brown adding sliced onions so they go the same, add corned beef roughly cut up and cook through for a few mins stirring so the beef breaks up, season with some black pepper and eat with ketchup or brown sauce, baked beans go well on the side yummy!
Gently fry lots of finely chopped onions unti l they are translucent. Add potatoes cut about 3/4 inch and stir. Just cover with boiling water and simmer until tatties are just cooked. Add chopped corned beef, gravy granules and a dash of HP. Bring back to a simmer and serve.

If you like it runny serve with lots of fresh bread or pout it into giant Yorkshire puddings. Lots of variations.

It's more of a stew than a hash but fun to make and eat.
I make it with left over spuds etc in a frying pan ...fry lots of onion and a green pepper until softish cut the cold spuds into chunks and sling them in the pan and get them nice and crisp .Cube up the corned beef it in mix it all round season with black pepper and a dash of Lee and Perrins ..bung it on a plate with a fried egg on top ...Lovely !

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Corned Beef Hash?

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