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Vics128 | 21:03 Thu 11th Jan 2007 | Food & Drink
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After re joining sliming world recently, I was interested to hear about the 'mix and match' option. Being used to red or green days, I cant get it into my head how this will work. Has anyone tried this way, does it work, and how do you work your healthy extras? (I wasnt listening properly, I was just imaging about being able to mix days!!) Thankyou very much!


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I haven't tried it yet but I know people whi have and they say it works!

At each meal time you can have either a 'red' meal or a 'green' meal. In between meals, you can only eat food that are free on BOTH days.

You still have the same number of healthy extras. If you are having a 'green' breakfast, you can choose healthy extras from the 'green' list and same if you were having a 'red' lunch, choose from the red list. As long as you still have the same number of HE's its ok.

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