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peachy51 | 23:36 Mon 13th Nov 2006 | Food & Drink
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i will try to make this short... 2 nights ago partner and i went for a meal, it was to a local pub.... nice and friendly and stuff... i ordered lasagne it was freezing in the middle..took it back the barman said he would get the chef to prepare me another one ... guess wot it was freezin in the middle too!!!..... wot would you have done in this situation?


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Asked for my money back and bought a bag of crisps.You here stories about chefs and food. I have always been in catering and can take criticism,but a few of the hot heads can`t. I once complained and then asked for bread pudding as the sweet. He sent out a brown loaf cut in half and covered in custard.I felt sorry for the cleaner because I blocked the toilet with it.They lost a �100 `s worth of trade as we used to go regularly in a foursome.
by ''prepare you another one'', he obviously meant just microwave it for half the time necessary ... money back and a quick call to Environmental Health maybe.
wow wow wow
jeesus christ!

environmental health?

holy hell you dont do things by halves do ya?

was it a chain pub or a independent company? if they have a head office, write to them, E.H. is a bit over the top for a cold lasagne!

Cant agree - this was uncooked and could have caused food poisoning - EH a good option.
Once is a mistake (and not a clever one). Twice is unforgivable.
They are supposed to have systems in place to prevent this from happening.
A word with EH will result in them improving their procedures. Or else........
my friend told me yesturday that the pub she went to over the weekend gave her the wrong lasagne as well. She is a vegitarian and ordered vegitarian lasagne and got the normal lasagne with meat, how bad is that !!!!
Annoying but hardly likely to cause her harm unless she is allergic to meat.

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cold food

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