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pitstopbunny | 15:29 Fri 06th Oct 2006 | Food & Drink
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I am writing my shopping list and am looking for some inspiration....I need some ideas for tea on Saturday and dinner on Sunday. There's is only me to cater for but I am getting fed up with eating the same things all the time. The only thing I am not overly keen on is fish!


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Are you into food magazines? I always buy Delicious magazine as they have a section where they give you a list of ingrediants then give you a week of easy recipes.
Most weeks I buy a whole chicken, remove the breast fillets to make fajitas and/ or kievs, remove the legs and wings to roast then I boil the carcass for stock to make soup or risotto. Only one chicken but it does a good 5-6 meals.
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I love cooking and have a good selection of recipe books etc. I am getting a bit fed up with roast pork on Sunday and nothing seems very appealling right now. The agree about the chicken, it is so versatile & seems to last for ages, good for someone living alone!
do a cheese fondue? rough guide... equal amounts of gruyere, emmenthal and cheddar, grated. rub a raw garlic clove round a non stick pan, chuck in a glass of white wine in the pan, bring to a simmer then start adding the cheese bit by bit, till all melted. then dunk crusty bread, raw onion, celery, apple - anything you fancy with a bit of cheese really, into the mix. yummy. it does help if you can keep the pot warm over a flame (perhaps a couple of tealights if you havent got a proper fondue set).
How about a nice piece of salmon and some pan roasted fresh asparagus. You can coat the asparagus with olive oil and whatever herb/spice you like and put them both in the oven at the same time.
how about pasta, it is so versatile. You can have it with all sorts of sauce, meat sauce, plain tomato sauce, tomato sauce with your favourite veggies e.g. mushrooms, peppers etc, carbonara, aglio e olio which is garlic and oil, creamy sauce with say smoked salmon (but you don't like fish), just with plain butter and loads more
I get a lot of recipe ideas from the food section on and
There's a recipe book which I rely on time and again.....fingers crossed the link works.. on their Christmas shopping link

The proceeds go to that charity.
I got the link wrong..try again
Rack of lamb with mustard mash and red wine gravy with whatever veggies take your fancy.

Or baked cod with a spanish style tomato sauce with herbs and garlic, sauteed potatoes and veg of your choice.
On a Saturday night we like having either, Fajitas, enchilards, homemade pizza's, sausage tomato pasta bake, all of them are easy to make meals, just what you need for a Saturday night.
Sunday what I sometimes do is chicken breasts in honey,chicken seasoning, with steamed veg or get a packet of roast beef make some gravy heat both up in the oven, get a large yorkshire pudding, steam some veg then put it all in the yorkshire pud, then you have yourself an easy roast dinner.

Hope you enjoy !!!!!!!!!!

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