Juicing- do you lose any

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mork | 15:50 Mon 26th May 2003 | Food & Drink
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Stuffing a mix of carrots, lime, orange, ginger,etc into a juice blender seems like the perfect way for getting your RDA of fruit and veg in one drink. But do fruit and veg lose any of their healthy properties through this process?


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they thing they definitely lose is fibre, also you need to drink the juice straight away as it loses its vits way faster than the whole fruit or veg does
How would it "lose vitamins"? Would the "vitamins" be broken down to other molecules, or something?
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Thanks woofgang. And, like squirrel, I'd be interested if anybody knows how the vitamins are lost.
You will not lose the fibre. Juicing is a physical process which breaks the fruit/veg down but it would require a chemical change to destroy the fibre. As for the vitamins I think that as long as you drink the juice immediately it will be just the same. By the way, do you know that frozen/tinned fruit & veg are often much better than fresh? In many cases the processing takes place within hours "locking in" the vitamins etc whereas the so called fresh stuff in the shops could be at least several days old.
Without being a nutritionalist, I would contend that juicing fruit and veg does remove most of the fibre. I've just bought a Magimix juicer, and judging by the amount of shredded matter that you throw away at the end, I reckon that 99.9% of the end prodct is water. Delicious nevertheless.
Sorry but I have just realised that I may have totally misunderstood this question. If you put everything into a liquidiser and drink the lot you will not lose any fibre. However, it appears that Headtime is talking about extracting the juice and throwing the rest away. In that case you are throwing away the fibre so best throw the juicer away.
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No, you were right, Gef, that was what I was asking. However, Headtime now has me wondering how a lot of these juice/health bars blend their juice. I know one where you hand over a packet of f+ v, they stick in some industrial looking thing and there you go! Shredded gunk and all. Anyway, thanks all.

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Juicing- do you lose any

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