Team international rapido breadmaker.

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Slooow_Jo | 22:28 Sat 16th Sep 2006 | Food & Drink
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Today I was gave the above breadmaker but I dont have the manual. So if anyone can share some instructions &/or some recipes I'd be very grateful :)


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sorry you're having problems with this it's a right nuisance. the only main thing you have to know for this Breadmaker i what order you add the ingredients - dry first or liquid. Most machines prefer that you put the liqui ingredients in frist - mine included. I recently lost my manual and it was missing for over a year and I had to try and remember which was way hard - so I understand the annoyance of not having intructions. I was craving a recipe I had for Herby Bread which smelled and tasted out of this world. I only discovered it agai last week having filed it away to a safe place.

Can you not ask the person who gave it to you if they can remember the order for adding the ingredients - this is really only important when using the delay functio

Here is a website I found when I did not know wht to do manual.htm

I will type here my recipe for Herby bread from my manual as they should all wrok together

Herb Bread (Makes a large loaf)

345ml luke warm water
1� tbsp butter
1� tsp salt
3� cups high grade flour
2 tbsp milk powder
1� tsp sugar
1� tsp mixed herbs
1� tsp parsley
1� tsp caraway seeds
3 tsp yeast

I normally add poppy seeds and sesame seeds in to give extra flavour and crucnh

You can use the Basic/Rapid setting or Timer Delay with this recipe

Measuree all ingredients into bread pan in correct order listed. Select desired setting (Basic or Rapid). Select crust type. Press Start/Stop to begin. When display reads 0.00 amd beep souds, press startstop to cancel. Remove bread.

Hope you enjoy
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Excellent link thank you aurelia. :)

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Team international rapido breadmaker.

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