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stoo_pid | 14:11 Mon 22nd May 2006 | Food & Drink
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About 20-odd years ago (I think) I remember a really scrummy desert called 'Lemon Crunch'. It was a simple packet mix that you made up with boiling water. It consisted of a fairly runny lemon custard that you then topped with crumble. I can't remember who produced it I'm afraid.

Does anyone here know what I'm talking about? If so, is it by any chance still sold anywhere or am I doomed to mourn a lost love for the rest of my adult life..?!


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Recipe here:

Not the packet mix but this will be better. Enjoy

Meant to add; Greens made a 'lemon meringue crunch pie' mix - still about in shops - is this what you were thinking of?

god, stoo-pid...i remember that too!! there was also a banana crunch....i loved those!!!!

i have never seen them since tho

*sob sob*

I used to love them - they did butterscotch too! Mmmmm. I probably spent most of my childhood buzzing from the additives but they were great. Sorry can't remember who they were made by or where you can get them, but they were Mmmmmmmmmm ;-)
WOW, had forgotton all about that. lovely!!!!
i remember them mmmmmm
There was a chocolate one too, with a crumbled buiscuity topping. My kids (and Mr Spudqueen) loved it but when it disappeared off the shelves about 5 years ago I wrote to the makers (sorry, can't remember who it was) who just said it had been withdrawn due to lack of sales. Sorry, looks as though you are doomed to mourn a lost love for the rest of your adult life (though I too mourn - for the loss of the gorgeous cake with pink icing and hundreds and thousands that used to be sold in British Home Stores many years ago!).
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Thanks everyone. I never even realised there was banana, butterscotch & chocolate flavours! My mouth is watering just imagining what they would have tasted like....

I can't believe they took them off the shelves because of low sales - what's wrong with the additive-filled-instant-desert-buying public?!

They're eating organic natural bio yoghurts with added pro biotic and chopped organic GM free banana.

I remember it well but unfortuately haven't seen it for years, now I am fancying it too!

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Lemon Crunch

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