Name that choccy...please!

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ichiban | 15:39 Thu 30th Jan 2003 | Food & Drink
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What was the name of that chocolate covered toffee (?) that was sold for a brief period in the mid/late 1990s? I think that it was German (but sold officially in the UK), and had a very cheesy TV advert. They were a square-ish shape and about the size of a Giant Rolo. They were sold in both bags and 'bar' packaging. They had a very strong taste to them, which almost seemed bitter at first, but were infact very tasty.


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Sounds to me like 'Riesen... The Chocolate Chew'! They were severely chocolatey, but I think I could manage a couple right now. I'm also fairly sure that they still make them...
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That's it! Many thanks...I can now sleep tonight ;-)
They certainly do still make 'em....bought some yesterday in my local newsagent.
Riesen's are big over here in Germany, where you can buy peanut versions, pocket size and big big bags! They're coated in dark chocolate hence the 'bitter' taste.
i've recently bought some here in the UK, just trying to remember where. they are definitely available at some service stations off the motorways and i'm sure i got them in a supermarket ...

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Name that choccy...please!

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