Marscapone and lime cheesecake

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lizwizz | 09:35 Sat 13th May 2006 | Food & Drink
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Does anyone have the recipe for marscapone and lime cheesecake? It was on the recipe cards given out by Sainsbury's years ago, but I can't find mine. I only need the ingredients and quantities. Failing that a recipe for a really quick and easy cheesecake. Thanks.


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Could this be it lizwizz? It sounds dreamy! htm#1

lizwizz I just put Lime and Mascarpone cheesecake up on Google and there are several recipes available.
Hi made this yesterday, and it is very easy and yummy 500g marscapone cheese, 4 limes pref unwaxed, 200g ginger nut or digestive biscuits, 500g butter ,small ammt icing sugar and lastly vanilla essence with seeds. make base with the butter and biscuits and put into 20cm tin and chill for 1 hour, then beat marscapone cheese until thick, then slowly add the lime juice bit by bit beating in between , then add small ammt of icing sugar, taste as you go along as everybody likes a different sweetness and with the last bit of sugar add 2 teaspoons of the vanilla essence , put on base and chill for approx 2 hours good luck and enjoy . this is the sainsburys recipe apart from the vanilla essence
I found the original recipe card so can e mail it to you if required. Otherwise, the same recipe is in Sinsbury's online file although different picture (have checked ingredients against original card and it is identical!) Linnk is http://www.sainsburys...p?bmUID=1266307868872

Hope this helps - I was looking for ages then fond original card from when I was at uni in 1994!!!

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Marscapone and lime cheesecake

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