Pigeon in slow cooker - which stock?

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country_boy | 16:19 Fri 12th May 2006 | Food & Drink
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I'm cooking pigeon breast and spicy sausages in the slow cooker later with red wine, tin of chopped tomatoes, cannellini beans, mushrooms and onions. I'm going to spice it up a bit too. Anyway, which stock would be best, veg or beef? Or none at all?


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Some beef stock would be good - or if you have the unwanted bits of th pigeon use that to make stock.

Hi CB - is the slow cooker ok for pigeon breast? I suggest it may overcook the breast as pigeon is best served pnk - can you do the rest in the s/cooker and just pan fry the pigeon breast when ready to serve.

A good fresh chicken stock may be best - beef could be a bit too strong perhaps. A 'rough' red wine is nice as a liquid with spicy sausages - think Sicilian...

I would also say watch the spices with a spicy sausage as well - try and use what is in the sausage or there may be too many indistinct flavours, as slow cooking spices can dilute them - the flavour of spices comes from oils and if they get too 'dilute, the flavour is less.

For a simple stock, use the pigeon carcass, a slug of chicken stock, some chopped onion or shallots, carrot, herbs - thyme, bay and garlic and seasoning, and boil then simmer for an hour - add water if it gets too dry too quickly - seive/strain and reserve. Use this (glossed with a bit of unsalted butter whizzed in to add body and shine) over the pan fried breasts with the juices from the s/cooker - or keep for using at a later date.

Have a good cook!

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Hi Nickmo, I did this once before (using beef stock) and it was really good with Toulouse (sp) sausages. I was skipping through some recipes online and found a lot using pigeon stock or vegetable so thought I'd ask the question. It's on low and cut in big chunks so hopefully it won't be too overcooked!
I used beef stock as I was given just the breasts.
Thanks for info on overdoing spices/flavours, interesting stuff (unfortunately already in the pot! - worcester and pepper sauce and paprika). You're a star as usual, cheers.

Hi CB - hope all went well with the dish and appreciate the comments - thought you may like to try a couple off the site recipes for a couple of ideas if you like your pigeon :

Toulouse sausages are great for stewing - thumbs up for that - have you had a go with venison or boar sossies? Both are really suited to slow cooking as the meat can be a bit strong just fried. Boar with the beans, wine and stock is a superb autumn dish - striaght off the fields and full of great flavour.

A brilliant pigeon, hare and ham terrine on the astray site worth trying, by the way..

If you want a fantastic tasting pigeon then use cider.

I often cook "Pigeon in the Pot" which is using an eating apple sliced and dry cider (or sweet cider and a sliced cooking apple) add sliced onion and 2-3 sticks chopped celery and a bouquet garni believe me it's a wonderful tasting meal.

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Pigeon in slow cooker - which stock?

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