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vikki67 | 23:47 Sun 07th May 2006 | Food & Drink
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Please can you help me?? I'm getting wed in 6 weeks and am doing a bbq for around 35 people in our garden. My problem is this, I have never done a bbq before and am worried that the food will be bland.I'm making my own burgers as always, chicken kebabs,pork kebabs,king prawns,tuna steaks,halloumi cheese and veg kebabs and want to make some shami kebabs,can somebody give me a fool proof recipe for the shamis.. Also some advise on other bits and pieces that will go down well.


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at my uncles's 50th we had a huge bbq and he hired a group of chefs who cooked whole pigs on the spit, it was amazing!!! they did the pigs, burgers, steaks and yourself some stressss!!!!
bacon wrapped around dried apricots is easy and really really tasty
Oh you can also do savoury rice beforehand and then just wrap it in foil and heat it up again on the BBQ
For dessert : You can wrap bananas in tin foil, after you have split them down the middle soaked them in brandy for a little while and chucked in a handful of rasins. Then set the foil on the cooking racks when you have coooked the main course. Yummmie yum yum!

Salads usually work well..

I usually make
Pasta Salad
Potatoe Salad
Tomatoe Salad

What I always do for a bbq, though it's not cooked on a bbq is:

Spare ribs

1 1/2 lb spare ribs
4oz dark brown sugar
5 tablespoons tomato ketchup
2 tablespoons dark soy sauce
1 teaspoon ginger

Put ribs in pan
Chuck in everything else
Pour over 1 pint water
Bring to boil and cook for 45 mins half covered with led
Remove lid and boil for 20 mins till ribs coated in thick glaze.

You can easily double/ treble/quadruple the ingredients (though if you do so go easy on the water).

This recipe is always VERY popular at bbqs.

If you think the BBQ may go onto the wee small hours (like ours do!!!!) Make a big pan of Bolognaise and a big pan of Chilli and loads of jacket potatoes, goes down really well and not too much trouble to go to.

We start with half a strip of streaky bacon wrapped around a quarter of a banana and kept in place with a metal skewer. Cook until the bacon is crispy and the banana squishy and it is GORGEOUS!

Are you actually going to be doing the cooking yourself? It might be worth roping in at least a couple of people to help you otherwise you might feel you are missing out on the party. Your food sounds gorgeous - have a few salads on hand, and some scrummy dips, and it will be brilliant.

Ooh back onto the banana thing - another nice banana pudding is to slice a banana lengthwise and slotting as many pieces of plain chocolate into the opening as you can. Wrap the banana in foil then bake for a while until the banana is soft - serve with cream or icecream - delicious!

Enjoy your day - I hope the weather is good for you.

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Thanks guy's.I'll be trying all your suggestions especially the banana's with the chocolate....that sounds divine and the kid's will love it.

Thanks again.....

I don't think that I would go to all that trouble especially if you have never done a bbq before. You wil have enough to do with your wedding preparations without having the extra pressure of getting the bbq right on your big day.
I am sure family and friends who are bbq experts could take over for you and let you enjoy a stress free wedding day.
Having your reception at home is also much more rewarding and personal and I am sure that everyone will muck in and help to make it a wonderful day.
Congratulations....and I hope the sun shines.
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The only thing that I will be doing is on the Friday b4.I'll be making the burgers & shami kebabs,coleslaw,marinading the chicken & pork for the skewers,washing all the salad,making the rice & pasta salads,prepping the potatoes for the potato salad & part cooking the sausages.Our house on the Friday will be full of my very kind friends & family hrlping out.On the actual day 2 of our friends will be actually bbq'ing.Another friend is doing all the sweets and my mum will be adding touches only a mother can.

So as you can see it's a real family affair & I can concentrate on the guests & getting merry. But not too merry as we fly on holiday in the early hours.

I have to say I was really nervous about the whole day,where to have the reception so on,but since we decided to use our own home neither of us can wait.You're right about the intimacy of it all and knowing that the people we cherish have all mucked in it's even more special.....I can't wait..

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