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sweetdor | 15:08 Wed 12th Apr 2006 | Food & Drink
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can any body give me a good stir fry recipe.every time i try to make one its kinda dryish and gloopy if thats the right word to use.i like it kinda moist thanks in advance


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Depending on what I'm using, to get a more even distribution of the flavourings, I put half of the mix and veggies in a plastic box with the lid on, shake it and put it in the wok to get the flavours all over.

General principle for stir-fry dishes: heat the oil, flavour with ginger/garlic, fry the ingredients (meat/veg), add flavouring (could be rice wine, soy, chili bean paste, yellow bean paste, oyster sauce, plum sauce, etc...*), thicken sauce. If this is what you're following, then the last part (adding a cornflour/water mixture to thicken) is what you can vary to your preference.

* not sure what you'll be able to find locally...most probably oyster sauce

I cut up some chicken and then pour a tablespoon of honey, 2 teaspoons of dijon mustard, the juice of a lime and couple of tablespoons of soy sauce over it, mix it up together and then leave it while I chop the veggies. Once veggies are chopped I stir fry the chicken (usually in groundnut oil but any oil will do) then add the veggies. Et voila and tasy sticky chicken yummy stir fry ready in 10 mins! Mmmmm.
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thanks nat that really sound delish.i'll give it ago

Basic sauce:

Prep and stir fry veggies/meats/fish whatever used.

Add pinch of chili flakes, splash of dark soy sauce, twice as much rice wine vinegar, dry sherry, chicken (or veg) stock, squeeze of tomato paste, touch of salt, pepper, sugar and then fry off. To thicken, add a little cornflour in water, which needs 60 secs to cook through.

This is based on Ken Homs 'Country Sauce' and can go with any sort of mix you like, needs no specific quantity - be reasonable with it though - don't make it too thin of course - and is a really nice simple sauce.

You can include a little extra chili, some fish sauce, 5 spice etc to vary, but the basic is the same and you don't need to be a Delia to get it right.

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thanks nick and every 1 else i'll do them all over time and see which we prefer

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