Out of date beans

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CheekyChops | 00:37 Wed 12th Apr 2006 | Food & Drink
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If I eat a tin of baked beans which have a use by date of Feb 06 will i come to any harm? I'm starving and they are the only ones in the house!!


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Ok from Feb 06. Make sure the beans are throughly heated for a minimum of 5 mins. Ideally boil and let simmer.

The 'best before date' on canned food has a margin that lets you use them after the printed date, but not recommended for any other packaged food as the quality of the contents breaks down anyway, plus other packaging can be easily damaged.

See the side of the tin I am pretty sure it is a best before recommendation..... not a you will die if you eat after ( use by) scenario . Enjoy!
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Cheers! Going to eat them. if you don't see me on AB after tonight, you know why!

Just eat them (unless they look or smell bad).
Tins usually last for centuries, but companies are forced to put a 'best-before' date on them.

I've eaten stuff from tins that was years out of date.

And I am still alive!

Generally, things in tins do not perish (I say generally because there probably are some exceptions). Things like beans in tins will keep for years unopened!
Tins of food from Scott's expedition to the South Pole were opened 50 years afterward, and the contents were found to be edible.
Sorry to disagree with nickmo but please don't boil them as it will spoil the taste. Baked beans are quite safe to eat cold.

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Out of date beans

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