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WoWo | 13:35 Wed 22nd Mar 2006 | Food & Drink
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Our boss kindly buys us crisps and choclate which is free to all. Every month he does an order with a supermarket and they drop it off. It's getting close to delivery day and there are only a few bags of crisps left, the thing is they are all Cheese and Onion flavour, different varieties but all the same flavour. This leads to the assumption that it's the least favourite flavour, thinking about it while I don't dislike it and do eat them I have never actually purchase a bag in my life. So does anybody actually like Cheese and Onion crisps enough to buy them outside of a multipack?


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Where do you work? Also, just ask him not to order Cheese & Onion. Simple
I love Cheese and Onion...............Any vacancies at your place?

Walkers Cheese & Onion are my favourite too!

And Seabrooks cheese and onion, they are awesome.

Cheese and onion are my least favourite of the main flavours - don't like Walkers ones, but some like cheese and onions squares are alright!

The ones always left over in our house are bacon and barbecue. I love cheese and onion!
You cant beat Tayto cheese and onion only sold here in Ireland. Anyone that goes to live abroad regularly gets these sent to them or stocks up when they visit home.

Sounds great - but just think of all that salt and fat and sugar (sorry to be a killjoy).

What about changing the order to a weekly one of various fresh fruits? Asuming you are in the UK, seasonal varieties would give you a changing set every couple of months... just think, Scottish rasperries, English strawberries, pears and apples, black currants, red currants, blackberries.. and then throwing in a few non-native varieties like satsumas or kiwis or peaches or mangos would be a real treat.

I reckon i'm the only one on here who don't like crisps!
Shazbang, they sell Tayto crisps in Wilkinsons now. I can't see what the big fuss is about them!

I love them! the best ones are:

  • M+S red onion and 4 cheese

  • sainsburys farmhouse cheddar and spring onion

  • tesco finest cheese and onion

  • tayto cheese and onion
Love cheese and onion....Macoys are the best IMO !!!

What's your boss trying to do? Kill you all with kindness by giving you all the wrong foods. Or perhaps he wants to be surrounds by plump ladies?

I'll have to send Gillian McKieth along to your office to tell him to give you raw carrots, muesli and spinach smoothies !!

Chese and Onion are my fave - especially Walkers!

Salt & Vinegar and Pawn Cocktail leave me cold.

Your boss sounds great - sepecially if you are allowed to access Answerbank as well!

Wowo cheese and onion are first to go in our house ; we are always left with salt and vinegar. Ringos cheese and onion are so oniony and only 27p at my tesco.
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To keep all the kill joys happy he does also get the apples in. personally I have eaten half a melon 2 bananas and 3 apples today so I think I can have a bag of crisps.

"Any vacancies at your place?"

Yes, if you are an Oracle/web developer then we are looking for a few people, we also get a pub lunch on fridays and we also have beer in the fridge which we have now and again.

"just ask him not to order Cheese & Onion"

Yep that would be the plan but all the 6 packs come with a couple of cheese and onion.
Cheese sandwiches with a packet of cheese and onion crisps are my favourites. Prawn cocktail are yuck!!!

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