Tomato seeds

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rescuer | 01:17 Mon 13th Mar 2006 | Food & Drink
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Do tomato seeds pass through the digestive system whole without being absorbed. When I was a boy a neighbour who worked at the sewage works used to bring home large, juicy tomatoes which he said grew there.


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My words, Reddoggy, that was a quick reply. Many thanks
I don't think I would eat one of those Tomatoes! I know they use manure and stuff to grow them but still, grown in human poo. Nice...
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Well thereon_911 it's no problem except that you can't always guarantee that the tomatoes have always been grown in your own contribution !!!!!!!!
Never drink Bulgarian wine- for much the same reason...
There's nothing wrong with Bulgarian wine.
Tomato seeds cannot be grown into a tomato plant without them having passed through a digestive system, but I think that tomato growers do something artificial to them to make them think they've gone through a digestive system!

And see: for all your tomato queries.

Spudqueen - where did you get that from? I can tell you most toms in the UK grow in rockwool insulation - not soil - cos it is light, holds roots and is cheap as well. Sad that growers use this rather than a soil..but at least the bees get to play in the greenhouses to pollinate the plants.

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Tomato seeds

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