Red cabbage & raisins

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rescuer | 01:03 Thu 09th Mar 2006 | Food & Drink
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A recipe for red cabbage and raisins was on this site a week or so ago but I cannot find it.

Can anyone remember it?


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Thanks nickmo for a speedy reply. Yes that it what I was looking for. I bought the red cabbage and then couldn't find the recipe which I seen days earlier. So I have something to do this evening.

Glad to help rescuer - (Ok, so sarcastic thoughts of 'getting out....'come to mind but will keep them to self.....)

Helpful note instead - shred the cabbage really finely as this helps get the water to steam in the cabbage. (mandolines are good for this if you have one) Cider vinegar is nice to use if you add the apple pieces as well as the raisins otherwise use red wine vinegar, if available. Malt vinegar isn't very good with this to be honest.

This cooks in literally 3 mins, so don't leave the pan for ages as the whole point is to literally steam the veg in the liquor - leave it too long and it will stick to the pan - and stink as well!

The caraway seeds add a nice depth of flavour and a bit of a 'fennel like' note, but it works without them of course. I think the original recipe would have come from Poland or Central Europe in the past, hence the raisins and cabbage which is a bit of a German sort of combination. This is nice with lots of different dishes - simple steamed firm white fish, stews, chicken - in fact a whole load of things, and darn easy to do!

If you want to impress guests, wait 'til next autumn and get the red brussel sprouts that have just become available, slice them in half and treat the same - stops the 'I don't like greens' noises as well!

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Thanks again nickmo for a very full answer. I am looking forward to trying it. I wouldn't use malt vinegar as I am a coeliac ie. I have to avoid gluten and as malt is from barley it is taboo for me. So I use a lot of cider vinegar and some red and white wine vinegars.

I like pickled red cabbage but have to ensure that it has nor been pickled in malt vinegar.

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Red cabbage & raisins

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