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JoshScouse | 23:58 Wed 01st Mar 2006 | Food & Drink
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is it safe to drink out of date beer?


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Send it to me and I'll dispose of it (down my throat)

Seriously, it should be OK unless it's like years old. Have you found some in a cupboard or something?

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nah found some from january in work which was �2 for a case of 12 bottles...

Use your common sense as with all other foods 'out of date'.
Does it look and smell OK? Then it would be a waste to throw it out.

After all, the UseBy Date is not the date when the food will go off, but a guarantee by the manufacturer that it will not go bad before.

I have been drinking beer that was nearly a year over the UseBy Date, and neither I nor any of my friends (I told them about the date beforehand), had any problems with it.

some off licences sell it at a reduced price so i guess its will soon find out the next day...and as goldfish 1 said i too am willing to disose of it for you.
My Dad's claim to fame is that he once drank a crate of lager that was 7 years out of date!!!! A friend was clearing out an old pub,found them,and passed them on to him.
No dodgy side effects either!

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