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pinkiefriend | 12:12 Tue 07th Feb 2006 | Food & Drink
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I know there are plenty of sites about with recipes for soup, what I want to know is if I buy 2 leeks, 2 carrots, will this make a nice soup. I want to make a huge pot of soup I can freeze, that will feed me for a while and is cheap. Any other ingredients I should add? I have stock cubes. I would love to make a beef soup, never done this before. Would beef soup be nice with leeks and carrots in it as I've only ever used these with chicken stock? What ingredients make a good beef soup, cheap and tasty that will freeze well and feed me for a while.


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Leeks go better with potatoes and onions, mixed with a good chicken stock cube then cooked and blended and it freezes very well. You can add a dollop of single cream before serving, for a treat! Carrots go better with onions and tomatoes IMO.

Ooops, forgot the water or you can sweat the veg in a little butter or oil and then add water once they are cooked :o)

Why beef? Try using red lentils, very simple to make, very nutritious, freezes down well. You can either zot it with a blender for a smooth finish or just a medium zot for that 'rustic' finish. Serve piping hot with crusty French bread, mmm. Soups are simple and cheap to make. Once you have tried it you will never buy another packet or tinned soup again.

A (very) rough rule of thumb is a pound of vegetables to every pint of stock. Then just experiment.

OR, try Delia Smith's recipes for Leek & Potato soup (Vichysoisse) and Minestrone. The latter recipe usually serves three at the weekend and me for about four days during the week... but be prepared for the chopping/preparation.

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