chocolate concrete recipe

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jlbharper | 11:00 Sun 05th Feb 2006 | Food & Drink
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recipe for chocolate concrete has anyone got one? It did not have raisons in it or cornflakes it was a hard chocolate cake dusted with sugar, it's the only good food I remember from my school meals.


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Not an answer, but I was a big chocolate concrete fan, so will be interested to see how it's made too. Also the chocolate custard served with it (school-style) - I remember being told they made it with choc blancmange powder...

"This recipe for Chocolate Concrete was given to me years ago by the school dinner supervisor.
10 and a half oz S.R.flour
8 and threequarters oz margarine[hard]
8 and threequarter oz white sugar
1 oz cocoa
1 egg
Melt the marg. and add dry ingredients. Add the egg. Press into a greased shallow tin. Brush with water and sprinkle with sugar.
Gas mark 1. Electric 275 deg.F for 20 mins. Circa. 1951.

My favourite pud from school too. We always had it with Pink Custard, yummy. That recipe looks right I will definately give that a try!
hi i think that instead of 10ozs of s/raising flour 5ozs should be wholemeal
i think that instead of 10ozs of s/raising flour use 5ozs and 5ozs of wheatmeal flour
instead of 10oz of self raising use 5oz + 5oz of wheatmeal.
I was looking for my 'Stork Cookbook' today to make Chocolate Concrete & can't find it. All I remember is that it was the basic shortcake(shortbread) recipie with 1 oz of flour substituted with 1oz cocoa powder and was taken from the 'Stork Cookbook' which we were issued with at school. We also were served it at school with pink custard (strawberry or rasberry blamanche). Good hunting - it I find my book, I'll let you know.
aaaaaaaaaah! what a pudding, as i copy i dribble, definatley try this 1.
My Mom works at a school in Great Barr, Birmingham England.

She got the recipe they use from one of the cooks. The original recipe unfortunately is for 100 so you will need to break it down but it is as follows:

For 100 people
5lb 4oz (84 ounces) self raising flour
4lb (64 ounces) margerine
3lb (48 ounces) sugar
5oz Coco Powder
8 Eggs

1. Mix Flour, Sugar & Coco Powder together
2. Melt Margerine but don't let it boil, only melt
3. Pour into flour, sugar, coco you've already mixed well
4. Add Eggs slowly until you get the right consistency

In an attempt to break it down for 10 people I calculated the following ratios:

For 10
8.4 ounces self raising flour
6.4 ounces margerine
4.8 ounces sugar
0.5 ounces Coco Powder
1 Egg or Less

You will need to experiment with cooking time, I didn't get that piece of information.

I would love to know if this works for anybody and what cooking temperature they end up using.

Hope this helps,
OMG!!! I went to St peters in Doncaster and this was our pudding, it wa the best! I went back to Doncaster last moneth for the 1st time in over 10 years and before i did anything i went to the bakery in Cantley and baught £20 worth to bring back to my family in Essex to try, they loved it too! Is best served with pink custard :) xx

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