Ready brek or porridge?

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Netty7 | 14:57 Fri 03rd Feb 2006 | Food & Drink
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I have Readybrek every morning, but keep hearing nutrition experts say how good porridge is for you. The only added ingredients in Ready brek are vitamins, so is it still as beneficial as porridge? I tried porridge - and yuk - couldn't handle it - think it is the texture! So am I being as healthy as I think I am?


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I love porridge and i love ready brek but i have to have sugar on porridge so i eat ready brek instead. In that sense i think its healthier!
Why don't you try Oat So Simple, its just as easy and quick and if you want to add a bit more milk you can make it more the consistency of Ready Brek .... the honey version is the best I find, although there is a Kellogs Maple Syrup one but you can only get it in America and I bring back my case stuffed with it !!!
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Thanks for that. I do actually like ready brek as it is, don't need any flavours, but really just want to know if the health benefits are as good as those plain old 'yukky' porridge oats!!
Probablt the same as long as you don't add any sugar, honey etc.
I always have porrage, Quaker Old Fashioned Oats, which are larger. I cook in the microwave for two minutes with semi-skimmed milk and then add sugar to taste. My mum used to make in the traditional method with water which was horrible. I think I am right in thinking that Readybrek is so highly processed that it doesn't have the same GI values and isn't so good for the heart.
Porridge is now called one of the 'superfoods'. If you eat it your cholesterol level starts going down immediately. Also, it is a 'slow release' food.
logg01 is right, redy-brek is refined to death, porridge oats are better for you.
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Thanks everyone for that. Looks like I might have to give the porridge another whirl if I want to look after my heart!!
I'm a big fan of Scotts Old Fashioned Oats which are not so processed as the other oats and produce a really nice textured porridge with plump oats. To alleviate the plainess of them I add chopped apple, sultanas, or raspberries and blackberries when in season. Cook for about three & and half minutes in the microwave with semi skimmed milk in a Pyrex bowl and once you get used to them you'll probably find the refined versions such as Oats So Simple less appetising. Also oats are a slow release food, which means it takes longer to digest and thus stops you feeling hungry.
This sounds really weird but if you find normal porridge really boring and not sweet enough, try chewing it really meticulously - it makes it sweeter so you'll get used to it quicker!
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Have now managed, thanks to my Dad, to find porridge oats that I can eat. They are just pure oats made by Mornflake (from Aldi) and the texture is somewhere between ready brek and Scotts Porridge Oats. Just about got the consistency right now, so I think I'll stick with this for now (not literally!) It must be healthier than ready brek as it's not so highly processed.

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Ready brek or porridge?

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