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Robinia | 19:15 Sat 31st Dec 2005 | Food & Drink
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What have they done to Nestle's Tip Top?? Has anyone else tried it lately? It's horrible!! It says 'Great new flavour' on the tin....well I think not, and it's much thicker. I'll be contacting them tout de suite. Meanwhile it's back to real cream.....


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Hi Robinia - Nestle's Tip Top is one of my favourite toppings & I've also noticed that it's not as nice as it used to be.

I've been on the old Brandy Cream over Christmas, but have gone back to the less fattening stuff - now that all my New Year home made mince pies have disappeared!

I'm off to look on the tin to read what's changed it to the supposedly 'great new flavour'.

Happy New Year!

Well I bought some of the new squirty one to try robinia and it was vile the tin lost it's squirt after a couple of goes.I threw it in the bin in digust.. Stick to fresh cream..naughty but nice !
P.S Whatever Nestle get their hands on they seem to bodge it up see here.. I try to avoid buying things from them after reading this but they seem to have the monoply on everything ..

Shaneystar, I've just read that link. What Barstards indeed.

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Thanks all!

smudge it was you who got me back into Tip Top in the summer after you'd mentioned it on here & I've kept a tin on stand-by ever since!
Typical, isn't it when they have to go & change things? Who tells them it needs changing that's what I'd like to know....grrrr.

This calls for an invasion of the BiddyArmy methinks. Get typing ladies....& look out Nestle a large dollop of sour TipTop is on it's way!!

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Nestle'sTip Top

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