Could Malteasers Be Used To Make Beer

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BanjoFantastic48 | 17:21 Mon 04th Jul 2022 | Food & Drink
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Just wondering, as one of the ingredients of malteasers is malt extract could malteasers be used as an ad hoc way of making beer?


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Why would you want?
You'd need to suck the chocolate off first.
Contributors to the Home Brew Forum seem to think that it's perfectly possible but might well taste revolting:

Jakes Craft Brewing, based in Northern Ireland, has a better suggestion though ;-)
No...just how much malt do you think Maltesers (correct spelling btw) contain?
Malt is just a form of sugar, which is what yeast feeds on to make alcohol. Maltesers are probably full of sugar. But sugar and yeast alone don't make good beer. You could probably make a form of alcoholic liquid, but don't expect a foaming pint of your finest ale!
This thread got me wondering about whether beer could be brewed from Horlicks. I found this link, where Jarenault has documented his experience of trying it, together with a photo and tasting notes for the finished product. I found it to be a very interesting read ;-)
///You'd need to suck the chocolate off first.////

Why would anyone want to (or need to) remove the chocolate? This is one of the loveliest beers brewed in the UK:
Banjo is in prison and wants to make some hooch

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Could Malteasers Be Used To Make Beer

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