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sandra4444 | 12:09 Thu 23rd Jun 2022 | Food & Drink
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500g Strong bread flour
320ml full fat milk
1x 7g fast acting dry yeast
3 table spoons olive oil
2 tea spoons salt
1 tea spoon of sugar
1 egg
The is not to different from many recipes you will find on the internet.
But to start with i didn't include egg or sugar, and the 320ml of milk that i now use started with 320ml of water.

The milk, egg and sugar helps to produce a softer bread, before it was like a building brick:)
The above is one thing to get right, but i believe you really need to know your oven. Sounds mad but there's so many different temps given out for bread cooking and cooking times.
Also when i say you nee to know your oven, many recipes cook the bread on the middle rack, i find that it cooks better just below middle, because when the bread rises from the middle rack the top of the loaf can be nearer the top of the oven and burn.

I get an even golden loaf at 210c for 40/45mins cooking time.
Forgot to add my first knead is for 10 mins, then place in a greased (olive oil) container, cover in cling film. If its a cold day fill a larger container with warm water and place your dough container within, the warmth will help it rise. Leave for 1 hour, take out and knead for just 3/4 mins, place on baking tray or loaf tin and leave to rise for about 45mins. Ready to cook.


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Thanku !! Xx
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I may have told you things you already know but one other thing I do is.. when you take the bread out of the oven, cover with a clean tea towel, but ONLY for 2/3 mins. This stops all the moisture escaping and leaving the bread very dry, but if you leave it on too long the bread will turn wet and soggy.
Ok, I will do my very best!! xx

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Fao Smowball

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