Want Homemade Burgers To Taste Like Take Out.. Or Better

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FoodRollt | 14:14 Wed 15th Jun 2022 | Food & Drink
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What is the secret? Is there any way, short of cooking the patty over BBQ coals, I can give the burger a smokey texture in teh kitchen? Tried adding a little smoked Paprika but made no difference. All my ingredients are near enough exactly the same as BK or Maccers here:

Should I just stop chasing the fantasy of trying to make a home burger taste like take-out, it's never going to happen is it?


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Why would you want to? My home-made burgers taste like proper meaty burgers and not those hideous grey tasteless bits of cardboard that many of the chains sell.
I was thinking similarly. You can get liquid smoke to add to the mince, or for marinating in prior to mincing, but smoke ought not be a vital flavour.
well I'm like you - takeaway burgers are horrid but this past few weeks I bought extremely good mince steak, pattied them down and dry fried them. Nothing at all in them, no egg, no breadcrumbs - just nothing.

They were to die for. I'll be making them for friend next week.
I've never been a big burger fan, having been veggie for a large part of my life, but I am addicted recently to wGyy burgers from Aldi, they're sooo tasty!
Oops that should say *wagyu' burgers!
Fill them them with fat, salt and sugar.
/Fill them them with fat, salt and sugar./
And don't forget to book Bed 16 in the cardiology ward.
If you want them to taste like a take-out, I'd question why you are doing barbecues at all.
Just buy a take-out ...

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Want Homemade Burgers To Taste Like Take Out.. Or Better

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