Jubilee Trifle

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tiggerblue10 | 07:53 Fri 13th May 2022 | Food & Drink
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Anyone going to attempt to make this?


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The People's Pudding? Mine would end up a car crash if I tried.
Not me, my trifle will be rasperry jelly and raspberry jam sponges, a white mousse instead of custard sprinkled with blueberries and blue jelly beans
White chocolate!!
Nah, if i attempted such an undertaking, it would most likely end up as a 'Jubbly' trifle.
That is not a "humble" trifle
The Peoples' Pudding? There's enough of them on 2 legs just now. We don't do trifles. And I don't know anyone else that does either. Why not call it The Peoples' Sychophantic Dessert? Might be more appropriate.
Yes, I’ll be giving it a go but with bought in ingredients rather than making my own Swiss roll and biscuits.
I love trifle and this appealed to me when I first saw it and read what the flavours were. Yum.
vagus - you get 3 mini trifles in Lidl and very nice too - I think for over a £1
Almond flavour……… NO
Just the thought makes me heave - I can't bear trifle, it's the mixture of textures, sponge soaked in liquid, I'm gagging as I type :-)
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If I were to make it I'd have to leave the marzipan tasting stuff out...bleugh!

Would try to make a dairy free one.
I’m not keen on marzipan at all but really like amaretti biscuits as the flavour’s not too strong. I make a lovely fresh fruit brûlée with them.
It’s all the different textures and tastes that I really enjoy about a trifle. Just been having a look at some cheats versions of this one, really easy so will defo be having a go at some point.
I'm with Prudie on the appeal of trifle.

Can we just have the sherry?
You could substitute Limoncello perhaps
I'm sure Primark will be selling a 50p version of this shortly
I will eventually but I wonder if they will serve it at the reception as well?
Bloody awful.
Only two colours, as far as I can see and needs some sort, anything to spice the appearance and the taste up.

If Prudie is " gagging" tell her I'm her man.
Trifle is the devil's spawn. This looks even worse.
I used to hate trifle when I was a kid, but I love it now.

This one, I'd definitely take a run at if I have the occasion to need such a massive dessert.
Sqad! Behave.

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Jubilee Trifle

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