What Is A Great Dipping Sauce Recipe For 6 Piece Chicken Wings?

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the_master1124ya | 05:20 Mon 04th Apr 2022 | Food & Drink
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I need some Ideas on what kind of dipping sauce I want to make for raw chicken wings.
At this moment, I have my oven preheated to 400 degrees fahrenheit, I have A bowl with baking powder, paprika, solt and pepper, some poultry seasoning, and then I pour a whole bunch of (vinegar based) Louisiana Hot sauce to dip the chicken in and place on a baking pan for 40 minutes.
The presentation SUCKS! The sauce looks like VOMIT! and When I eat it, I believe I used too much Baking powder. But Anyways...
Do any of you have a good recipe for Dipping sauce for my raw chicken, and Also, is it a good Idea to marinate my chicken to make it taste a bit better!
I love chicken, and I want to see some other ways to make it!


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I don't have a recipe as such...meaning I don't measure. But I use a combination of ground cumin, coriander, hot smoked paprika, English mustard powder, chilli flakes, ground black pepper, smoked garlic salt, a bit of corn flour/starch and a drizzle of olive oil. Mix well and marinate for about 4 hours.
Here's a recipe for Buffalo wings...

And some ideas for dips...I like the garlic and parmesan.
Pasta has already given you one recipe from the excellent BBC Good Food website. Here are some more for you . . .
As well as the star ratings on that index page, you'll find that many of the recipes have comments from people who've tried them too, when you click through to read the details.

These look tempting to me:

Those recipes tend to go more with 'glazes', rather than 'dips' though. That's probably because dipping cooked food into sauces, rather than cooking them in those sauces tends to be something of an American thing. (As indeed does giving oven temperatures in Fahrenheit. The rest of world abandoned that system of measurement over half a century ago!).

If you're sure that you want to stick with dips though, this page offers some fine looking recipes (if you can be bothered to scroll down far enough to get to them, that is!):
(I'd probably opt for the honey mustard, blue cheese or curry versions).
I'm a bit worried by a dipping sauce for raw chicken wings!
I was too but I think they want to marinade the chicken wings before cooking
>>> I'm a bit worried by a dipping sauce for raw chicken wings!

Maybe one dreamt up by those well-known cooks, Sam 'n' Ella?


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What Is A Great Dipping Sauce Recipe For 6 Piece Chicken Wings?

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