What's The Point Of Lettuce

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joggerjayne | 13:18 Tue 15th Mar 2022 | Food & Drink
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This might be an "old chestnut". But ...

If you're making a salad, or a side salad ... would you put lettuce in it?

I made a salad yesterday ... cucumber, tomato, sweet corn, celery, carrot, green pepper. I was quite pleased with it.

As my pal shared the salad that I had expertly made, she maintained that a "salad" was generally lettuce based, with "other stuff" added.

I don't think I ever really buy lettuce.

My pal brought cannelloni. That was nice. Not sure if that's how you spell it.

I mean ... what's the point of lettuce???


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If it is an iceberg there is no point... ;)
Funny you should ask this. I gave lettuce up a few months back, its just tasteless to me now. I replaced it with watercress that has a lot more taste and you don't end up throwing any away like you do lettuce.
didja see Univ Chall last night?
the gurl didnt know her lettuce ( types ) from Kale
I also think that watercress can add a more decorative touch.
I always buy little gem, lasts well in the salad box and offers a broken surface in each leaf which will retain any salad dressing.
Very occasionally I have eaten a bit of genuinely tasty lettuce - sharp, almost peppery and refreshing to the palate.

The other 99.99% of the time it deserves the epithet of 'green carp' (spelling?) and should be placed directly into the compost bin.
I use Spinach in place of Lettuce in salads and sandwiches.
It goes well with a good dressing. OH makes a dressing to die for. On its own lettuce has no point!!
I occasionally buy Butterhead lettuce in little bags - more tasty than the bog standard stuff. Nice when having steak and chips with a few vine tomatoes and pickled onions.
I enjoy romaine lettuce in salads, I like the texture and flavour and it is relatively high in essential vitamins and minerals.
I like lettuce - without dressing (the lettuce) that is

Whether there is any "point" to enjoying lettuce I am not enough of a philosopher to know
//....offers a broken surface in each leaf which will retain any salad dressing.//

The easy way to avoid that problem is not to put any salad dressing on in the first place. It's ghastly stuff (in all its various incarnations) which, if you are unfortunate enough to be landed with any, is best used to clean the grease off car windscreens. Some of the thicker varieties are quite good at preserving timber such as fencing in your garden (now that creosote is hard to come by). It has no place on a salad (but come to that, neither does lettuce).
Well that was well-addressed NJ.
Never buy the light green, round lettuce - but really like Romaine, in sandwiches egBLTs.
//...but really like Romaine, in sandwiches egBLTs.//

One thing that should never be served up on the same plate is hot cooked meat and cold salad. Put the salad in a dish and serve it as a side (with the salad dressing served as a side to that so that it can be easily discarded untouched). I don't know the history of BLT sandwiches but whoever came up with the idea needs a sound thrashing.
My favourite leaves are rocket and basil (big-leaved, full-bosomed balloony rocket). They've got lovely flavour.
Soft, floppy lettuce I find boring, but little gem and cos and oak-leaf are fun, as are spinach and water-cress.
All these leaves add valuable vitamins and minerals to the diet.
My BLTs have Romaine lettuce, Marmonde tomato and COLD cooked bacon with a dressing of my choice all on decent sourbread.
Mc Donald's make me howl. They put salad on the burger to make it look healthy :) the lettuce looks like dead plant.
Rocket and spinach for least they've got flavour.
A big...very crispy...wedge of iceberg is great with a blue cheese dressing. But that's about the only acceptable way to eat it.

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