Turkey In Freezer Over A Year

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Bionicle5 | 10:07 Sat 22nd Jan 2022 | Food & Drink
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My family has had a 12 to 15 pound Turkey in the back up freezer since December of 2020. How good is the Turkey still? I am aware that meat can still deteriorate in a freezer though the process is much slower.


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Probably fosilsed by now :-)
Apparently you can safely store a whole turkey for up to two years in the freezer.
Whole turkey should be alright after a year provided it was fresh frozen but don't leave it any longer.
If in doubt throw it out.
We had a turkey in our back up freezer for over a year and it was fine when we used it. In fact it actually tasted better than some of the fresh ones we have had. As long as it has been frozen at a constant temperature it should be fine.
I’d eat it. I’ve eaten meat that has been in my freezer for longer and it’s been fine
Had one in freezer over 7 years . cook it. ate it .tasted good. And I'm still here.
Why would you keep a turkey for 7 years plus .

Did you forget it was in there ?
Got several at a very good price £1 each on Christmas eve. You could say thay were going cheep.
If they were going cheep they were probably budgies. You were diddled.
I’d eat it.

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Turkey In Freezer Over A Year

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