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Sqad | 16:51 Tue 18th Jan 2022 | Food & Drink
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To try and save the planet and after years of TV adverts.......I tried vegan sausages.

Bloody awful, tasteless although they did look like sausages.

I don't want to know how animals are killed......I will never be avegan.


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I really can't believe that the amount of greenhouse gases produced by farm animals is a significant proportion of that produced by all animals. In other words, stopping keeping animals for food will not have a significant effect on the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
here you go, bhg. As usual, it's not that simple....
Agree the Linda M sausage, red onion and rosemary are delicious
//I always wonder, Sqad, why vegan and Veggie foods are made from resemble meat eaters food, like sausages and burgers with the claim that they taste the same!//

So do I pat. And it infuriates me. If you want something that tastes like meat, try meat!

//Pat, a lot of vegans enjoyed eating meat before and very much miss it.//

Then they should resume their carnivorous habits, barry. With the exception of a miniscule number of people who cannot eat meat for medical reasons (and who would probably love to be able to) there is no reason why anybody should live exclusively on plants. If they choose to, why on Earth they would choose to eat food that looks and tastes like meat products is a complete mystery to me.
Virtually all dairy farmers claim they are in a precarious financial position. I have no knowledge of this but it does worry me that if dairy farmers cease farming and the demand for Vegan food increases, it will have a knock on effect to all our food. What will it do to milk and cheese production from a dairy herd for example? Can we expect cows milk to be sold at a premium in years to come with us being effectively forced into drinking almond or soya milk because of a depleted dairy herd population? Why would farmers farm cattle if there was no demand for beef thanks to a proliferation of Vegan substitutes? The possible loss of pork/beef sausages and pork in general is not a situation I'm looking forward. I understand there are more chickens in the world than humans. Perhaps the Vegans will have us eating laboratory grown eggs next.
I share the notion of being a vegan and what I like to taste. While choosing to be vegan for the most part, I opt for raw foods to cleanse my body in order to increase my activity and productivity. If you choose whether you like it or not. In fact, you can get used to any product, but maybe not immediately.
I agree with tiggs, Richmonds meat free sausages are rather nice. I also like Greggs vegan sausage rolls which are delicious. I am not a vegan (or vegetarian), but I do like plant based foods for a change every now and again.
One problem with plant based products is that they don't have the same nutrition, and the body has to convert vitamins and minerals from plant based products into more usable forms. So taste isn't everything!
Personally, I think a sensible mix of vegetables and fruit, grains, meat, fish and dairy in our diets, all in moderation is the best way to go. We eat far less meat than we did years ago. What I hate is when vegans/vegetarians make that proud declaration that they don't eat 'dead flesh' as if it's wrong to eat meat and fish. Eating should be enjoyable.
Absolutely Pat, 100 percent to emissions from the back end, it's Lion King and his large feline friends who are largely responsible, Mally's too....

so are we to produce artificially all the 'ammonia and phosphate' fertilisers we need to make the veg - and, at the same time, destroy a major carbon-sink in our grass fields? Really, there is some dodgy thinking on total life-cycle carbon (et al) balancing kicking around - and it needs to stop asap.
I bought Linda McCartany burgers on the advice of friend. Had to throw them all out. Stinking
I was a vegetarian for some years. They didn't try to make them look or taste like meat then. I'm not sure of they do now.
Obviously, they often use the same shapes for convenience, like sausages or burgers... because of storage and cooking, but what makes them "meat" related?
Ah, ok. Is that to give an idea of taste though? Or to know what to serve to somebody else?
A long link on a sausage thread- longaniza, then ;)
At least you gave them a go Sqad, which is more than can be said for a lot of people.
Don’t stop trying various vegetarian and vegan things though, there’s some very tasty stuff out there, it’s trial and error to find those you enjoy.
Personally I steer clear of meat substitute products and just buy things made from recognisable veg and/or beans like vegetable burgers or nut roast. The only exception is quorn mince, once it’s made into chilli or bolognais or shepherds pie, you’d never know the difference.
The only sausages I buy are the proper pork ones from our local award winning butcher, or occasionally if we’re away from home M&S ones.
Most vegan and veggie food such as sausages and burgers has been processed to within an inch of it's life and there is no goodness left in it whatsover. You might as well be eating plasticine. I`d rather have a wagu burger or home made turkey mince burger any day.
ooh yes wagyu burgers are fantastic, so tasty :)

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