Tucking Into Caviar, Grapes, Cheese And Crackers

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royfromaus | 16:12 Sat 08th Jan 2022 | Food & Drink
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bough this morning from the bountiful shelves of the local supermarket.
Fresh fruit, pancakes and ice cream a bit later.

What you tucking into?


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Well I tucked into a sausage, bacon and egg bap earlier from the snack van down the road. It's only an occasional treat.

I certainly won't eat again until much later. We're supposed to be having Venison steaks but FIL has come round to do some decorating and he's having faggots, peas and chips and I've got an inexplicable case of food envy.
Caviar? from a supermarket?
I doubt it's St Petersburg's finest, Sqad.
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Yes, Sqad.
Correct, Ladycg
@15.17...I've had caviar in St. Petersburg (well, Leningrad at the time) and Khabarovsk...and they do low-quality stuff as well as the finest!
I've always wondered what it tastes like...
I suppose it tastes like raw fish eggs. Not to my taste at all. A bit like oysters, once food for the poor, now 'food' for the better off - and washed down with that awful fizz stuff which used to be called champagne and is now called Prosecco or Cava.
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Surprised you haven't given it a whirl, LadyCG.
Cracker or even a poppadum with cream cheese topped with salty popping cheap caviar...wonderful treat.

It's not something I've ever really fancied. I don't particularly like salty-tasting food.
Lady cg; is it salty? Sturgeon isn't a salt-water fish. Do they add salt to it when processing or whatever they do?
roy, you are a man of taste. I love caviar, whatever the cost or quality. Have always enjoyed salt in my diet and often cook with anchovies which break down in many recipes but leave that wonderful taste. We are having beef stew tonight with a plethora of fresh veg, seasonings and a decent bottle of beer. The smell of it cooking is mouth watering...
//Lady cg; is it salty?//

Having never tried it I am hardly qualified to answer that question, though I'm told it has a salty taste to it and, since I've never been a salt-junkie, I'm not fussed about trying it. I like nearly all other forms of aquatic foodstuff so I'm sure I'm not missing out in the grand scheme of things.
I've tasted caviar and it's nit all that but then it's a matter of what your personal taste is. I love marmite, many don't.
At this moment I'm tucking into a minibar of dark 85% reward for starting to tackle the jumble that is my box room. Also known as The Black Hole of...
Earlier I had prawn mayo, a bit of pate, egg mayo and ham.
Later I'm stirfrying prawns, a few scallops and red peppers. A glass of red to follow.
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I actually don't use much salt in my diet, choux. I do use plenty of anchovies though.
While at my daughter's, we had red caviar. A quick Google tells me it's from salmon and trout. Not particularly salty. I liked it.
I used to feel blessed when I got 2 blue twists of salt in my Smiths crisps bag, roy.

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Tucking Into Caviar, Grapes, Cheese And Crackers

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