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Bazile | 22:25 Sun 02nd Jan 2022 | Food & Drink
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A Dessert taken out of freezer on Christmas day and kept in fridge ever since .

On the box it says - to be kept in freezer .

Is it still ok to be eaten ?


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I wouldn't! 3 days maximum for anything that's been opened or previously cooked and stored is our rule.
Depends on the type of dessert as to whether I'd try it.
Does it say on the box to defrost and eat within 24 hours or mention any time scale?
especially if its cream.
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It's a cherry Bakewell tart . ( To be cooked in oven )
Box unopened
Was it frozen when you bought it'. If not there may of been an indication of a date to eat by or freeze
I'd try it, cook it and taste a bit.

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