Can I Add Frozen Peas To My Heinz Soup

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roadman | 15:21 Wed 22nd Dec 2021 | Food & Drink
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When its on the hob cooking if i throw a handful or a half of peas in there will they cook


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Yes, frozen peas only take 3- 4 minutes to cook.
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Wish i had done that regret not doing that potato and leek for me today would be nice with a few peas
Your suppose to do frzen peas in boiling water for 3 mins.... I dont boil soup so would do for longer or would do peas seperate then add. I often add them to soups
peas cab be eaten without cooking. Just chuck 'em in and make sure they get hot enough for your taste.
Frozen peas might be a bit chewy though. A quick blast in the microwave before adding should do it
bobb, frozen peas would indeed by chewy, if not crunchy, but 30 seconds in hot soup would overcome that. They aren't like dried peas!
Okay maybe your right atheist but I would'nt be happy with just warming them int he soup isnt there a small listeria risk ? I'd do a minute in boiling water or defrost in microwave before adding them to the soup for a final gentle heat through
bobb; listeria from freshly-podded peas frozen immediately? Are you sure about that?
Chuck em in, warm your soup to piping hot and eat.
bobb, I didn't find your link very convincing.
"Listeria thrives and multiplies at temperatures below zero degrees Celsius. Frozen vegetables contaminated with listeria pose a threat since the bacteria may spread to other items in the freezer."
Given what happens in some food processing factory's I wouldn't be too confident (did you see the program about chicken recently?)
But I wouldnt lose sleep over undercooked frozen peas, just that i like to be sure with cooked food

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Can I Add Frozen Peas To My Heinz Soup

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