Cream Based Cocktails

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barry1010 | 17:42 Wed 08th Dec 2021 | Food & Drink
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I will be making brandy alexander for the family this Christmas, using fresh double cream.
Would it be okay to make it in advance and store it in the fridge?

If so, how much in advance?


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I'm not sure you should be anticipating a family get-together this year. I think I heard that Johnson has announced Plan B.
I don’t know but I wouldn’t do it. I imagine the cream might separate.
U wouldn't chance it either for the same reason.

Atheist, read up on what Plan B is.
* I
Question Author
Atheist, I meant the family that share my home.
Thanks all, I won't make it in advance
It doesn’t matter who you mean, Barry. Atheist is scaremongering. Have a lovely Christmas with whoever you’re with.

Note to self. Try that cocktail.
Why not make one over the weekend and stick in the fridge for a day or two and see what it’s like?
Apparently homemade baileys lasts for up to 2 months in an airtight container in the fridge.
Question Author
Good idea, vagus. I'll make some tomorrow and pop it in the fridge
I’d make three to keep for a few days, one to keep for a week or so, and one to drink (just to make sure you got the recipe right) ;o)
Question Author
god - you lush !
no---- make on the day
have a little practise - make a batch - and then perhaps a big batch on the day and when it is gone - sort of do a failed wedding at Cana
( the wine has run out and there isnt any more but there is.....)
I agree vagus
practise makes perfect

I wouldnt allow any cocktail to go over night
Practising your spelling would be good practice.
I would not make any cocktail in advance especially a milk/cream based one. The brandy will break down the cream and it'll look a right mess.
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I made some on Wednesday and it is still good today. I did give it a shake before pouring and it looks, smells and tastes as it should.

I'm going to try making some with homemade ice cream instead of cream closer to Christmas
Baileys - I tried eeking out the real stuff with either sherry or white veeno. Lesson - dont
It is a bit like drinking vomit - - so there I have experimented with cream based cocktails and I report my results in this august journal AB !
// Practising your spelling would be good practice.//
I wd rather practise making and quaffing crayma-based cocktails!

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Cream Based Cocktails

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