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jennyjoan | 15:34 Sat 27th Nov 2021 | Food & Drink
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I have been going to a butchers who sells fabulous home made stuff, ie lasagne, dinners etc - I'm not a ready meal fan but these are exclusive and sorta expensive.

This morning was my 3rd time and because I was buying quite a lot the butcher informs me that whilst the dinners are in a tin foil box I can microwave them.

I said oh I didn't know that - he said it was special tin foil. Now I'm not disputing my butcher but has anybody heard of these. I never knew they existed.


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thanks for that link - seems that after all this time, they've discovered that it's perfectly OK!
Well shiver mi timbers, I was going to post I wouldn’t chance it.
lasagnes are better in the oven anyway
^we have a combination microwave/grill/oven and get excellent results with the microwave and grill together..far more economical that putting the oven on for single portions.
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I posted another answer after ginge but must have forgot to "Answer Now".

Bednobs - the butcher did say to cook the lasagne one in the oven as it is very dense - also for me I have cut it up into 3 as it is so large.

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Frozen Food

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