Loaf Cake Tin Sizes

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chokkie | 13:58 Sat 25th Sep 2021 | Food & Drink
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Hi Foodie ABers out there, wonder if you can help. Have just been given a recipe for a delicious lemon cake (serving 12 slices) , but for some reason, there is no indication as to the size of the loaf tin to use. Basically, it's a 5 egg mix (with 300g caster sugar, 80g butter and 240g flour) - plus another 170 ml of liquid. Cooking time is given as 50-60 minutes plus cooling time. I suspect that, if I use a regular 2lb loaf tin it's either (a) going to be uncooked inside or (b) if I use the regular loaf tin and cook it for longer, it will end up dry.

Does anyone have any idea of what size loaf tin I should use, please - the picture looks as though it's a longer than a regular 2lb loaf tin.

Many thanks, Cheers, Chox.


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2lb loaf tin
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Thanks so much - have just been looking at various baking kit sites, and have seen some 2lb loaf tins which are longer than the regular ones. I think I'll give it a go in a regular 2lb tin (have got a few), and if it's a total disaster, will see if I can find one with the same volume, but different configuration of the dimensions. Thanks so much, Chox.
An 8 x 21 cm tin would be ideal
I have just made some bread,12 slices and that required a 2lb tin.

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Loaf Cake Tin Sizes

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