Has Anyone Here Ever Eaten A Pickled Egg?

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naomi24 | 13:02 Tue 21st Sep 2021 | Food & Drink
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What do they taste like? They look disgusting.


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but taste nice x
Oh god no!
I love eggs but the pure thought of this makes me want to gag.
i always imagined they had the taste of the egg you get in pork pie - is that true?
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Are they really smelly, mally? Eggy smelly?
I love them. When working up North used to order one to eat while I waited for my fish to fry.

Many years ago one of my daughters came home from clubbing in the wee hours only to find there wasn't a huge amount of 'ready' food available. She scoffed a whole jar, bar the one I had eaten.

Jeez, the smell - so beware!
no worse than pickled onions etc .i haven't had one for a long time but now i fancy one lol x
They taste like a boiled egg which has been pickled, rather unsurprisingly.
//Are they really smelly, mally? Eggy smelly?//

See my post above. Not going in but very 'eggy' later on in the day.

They tend to taste predominately of vinegar with an underlying standard egg taste. Great with a bag of chips and also nice with a salad. As well as on their own.

My wife wont eat them though, wont even try them.
Yes Mally, I got the taste too, so just gone and eaten one.
No...they just seem...wrong.
Just don't fancy them, or gherkins. I only like pickled onions.
What do they taste like? Strawberries of course.
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Would that be pickled strawberries?
I like most pickles but just can't bring myself to eating a pickled egg.
Absolutely not. Same with big wallies, if you will pardon the expression.
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Haaaaaaaaa! I've met a few of those in my time, choux. :o)
Probably had one yonks ago to go with a beer. The ones at Moe's Tavern in the Simpsons are a running joke!

And what happened to the shellfish sellers that used to tour the pubs late at night?
winkles and cockles ugh!!!!!!!

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Has Anyone Here Ever Eaten A Pickled Egg?

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