Ideas For Dinner Tonight

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LadyCG | 12:37 Sat 04th Sep 2021 | Food & Drink
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Obviously our choices are something cooked on a disposable barbeque or a one-pot meal. I just don't want another takeaway.

Any ideas appreciated.


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Ok, starting point ...what's in the fridge ??
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Very little Seekerz. We haven't done a proper shop this month as we are trying to run down what we've got. We are getting a new American Fridge Freezer next week and a new integrated frost-free freezer.

I will be going to Tesco later so can fetch any ingredients.
A friend gave me a tagine several years ago and I hoiked it out from the back of the cupboard the other day. I had a jar of Belazu tagine paste in the cupboard so marinated some diced chicken in it. Fried a couple of chopped shallots with minced garlic and put it in the tagine. Put the chicken in, then chunks of red and yellow pepper, a couple of lemon wedges, chicken stock and half a chilli. I put it in the oven then popped a few cherry tomatoes in towards the end. Really simple and could be done in a casserole dish. I served it with saffron rice.
i think maybe she doesnt have an oven?
i would do campfire stew
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I'm ovenless until next week, 237, but a lovely idea. I have got a large slow cooker but a but late in the day for that now.

I love the Belazu range!
Sorry, didn't realize.
I will be pan-roasting some nice lamb chops - along with a green sald, watercress and a home-made dressing (basalmic, red wine, chives and lemon thyme, seasoning, and my magic ingredient - a good splash of maple syrup and then an Italian EV Oil as in 'Carapelli Classico'. May add a couple of those small portobellos into the frying pan used for the roasting.
(the chops could be bbq-ed?)
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Yes, something pan-fried with salad sounds good.

I might do my favourite warm green bean, goats cheese and toasted pine nut salad...
Koftas are good on a BBQ. With salad, flatbreads and tzatziki. I make lamb ones but you can use beef or just buy them from the supermarket.
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That's a very nice idea - we actually had that a few weeks back and both really enjoyed it.
I've got giant shell-on red shrimp defrosting. Will marinate in loads of garlic, chilli, and sweet miso. Stirfried with chopped fine beans. Could definitely be bbqued.
The shrimp come from Iceland of all places, and are really good.
////Ideas For Dinner Tonight///

No problem, slip into something suitable, table for two booked,get a baby sitter and I will pick you up at 7.30
Hubby is still away I presume?

Expensive meal, good wine, a few laughs and embellished anecdotes and back to my place.

A late night drink and an evening you will never forget..
Don't trust him
LOL.....hoppy, I can tee one up for you and will make it a foursome.
Keeps trying doesn't he!
Still time to do a veggie curry in the slow cooker, and nip out for some flatbreads, bit of salad

Pasta: Iceland have some lovely things in. I've tried those wild shrimp and they have a lovely taste, I marinated them and did them on the BBQ. Iceland Cod Loins and wild salmon fillets are as good as fresh, if not better. I buy most of my frozen stuff from Iceland.
Any meat or shellfish you can get with corn on't cob, zucinni, whole potatos & toms. All grilled on bbq. Dessert fresh pineapple, mango or tin lychees.
APG...thanks for the heads up on the cod and salmon. I've gotten their trout fillets and raw jumbo prawns and both are very good.
I could live on fish/seafood :)
The Cod/Salmon is their Premier range, individually wrapped and it suggests you defrost before cooking.

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