How Are Weight Watchers Vintage Points (Uk/Australia/New Zealand) Calculated?

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Kelly234 | 02:34 Tue 10th Aug 2021 | Food & Drink
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In the US, for the Flex/Core plans, we use calories/fat/fiber. It seems Vintage Points may only use calories and saturated fat? Any formulas or further information is much appreciated! Please note, I am not looking for an online points calculator. I am looking to understand how the points are calculated. Thanks much!


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This page explains the Daily Allowance Points:

There are further links (at the end of the first section on that page) to explain how the Food Points and Activity Points are calculated.
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@Buenchico, this information is for US Weight Watchers points. I'm specifically looking for how points overseas were calculated, which was a different calculation using only calories and saturated fat (not fiber).
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Thank you, though!
I found this calculator for the Vintage Points:
(Yes, I know that you don't want a calculator!)

Remembering that I've got a university degree in mathematics (and that I used to teach it), it occurred to me that it shouldn't exactly be rocket science to bung a few random numbers into it and to use those to find out what the formula is.

Based on that, it seems 1.43 points are given to every 100 calories and 2.43 points to every 10g of fat.

(Welcome to The Answerbank, BTW!)
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I think the formula may be:

Vintage Points = (total calories/70) + (g saturated fat/4)

Just looking for confirmation or any written/posted materials about Vintage Points prior to 2010.
Since the reciprocal of 70 is 0.0143 (to 3 s.f.), we're in agreement with your 'divide by 70' bit. In order to get the same answers as the calculator (that I referred to above does) though, you'd have to modify your 'divide by 4' bit to become 'divide by 4.12 (to 3 s.f.)'.

In practice, your rough formula is near enough anyway though.

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How Are Weight Watchers Vintage Points (Uk/Australia/New Zealand) Calculated?

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